Lexus Unveils Turbocharged LF-NX at Tokyo Auto Show

An all-new turbocharged edition of the LF-NX concept car was unveiled at the recent Tokyo Auto Show. An earlier prototype of the LF-NX made an appearance at the Frankfurt Auto Show earlier this year, but this latest version has its fair share of surprises up its sleeve. This futuristic SUV will … [Continue reading...]

Lexus Named Most Reliable Car Brand by Consumer Reports

Lexus has once again been named the most reliable car manufacturer on the planet by Consumer Reports. Each year, Consumer Reports surveys new car owners and conducts analysis to determine which car brand delivers the most consistent and hassle-free ownership experience. Lexus has been a … [Continue reading...]

2012 Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition Sold At Recent Auction

A 2012 Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition was recently sold at rare car auction for a whopping $505,000. Very few of these were ever made, which makes its appearance at the auction a momentous occasion. The LFA Nurburgring Edition that was sold was actually built for Michael Waltrip Racing owner Bob … [Continue reading...]

2014 Line of Lexus Hybrids Unveiled at Dubai Auto Show

Lexus displayed its 2014 line of high-performance hybrids at the recent Dubai International Motor Show. Over the past decade, the automaker has been developing “Lexus Hybrid Drive” into the auto industry’s leading hybrid technology. In fact, Lexus of Australia recently reported that the ES … [Continue reading...]

First Look at the 2015 Lexus RC

The 2015 Lexus RC coupe is one of the most exciting upcoming Lexus models, and the company recently displayed the vehicle at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. The RC is vibrant, sleek, and luxurious -- a perfect fit for young buyers looking for their first Lexus. Keep reading to learn the first details … [Continue reading...]